Introduction to the Natural Hoof

October 9th, 10th, and 11th

  • 3 day comprehensive introduction about foot function and importance 
  • Trim for the function of the foot
  • Benefits of natural care and alternatives to nailed on iron shoes.

Meet Your Instructor

Your instructor Rick Kranz has been involved and practicing since 1986.

The last 15 years as a natural hoof care professional.

Combined with more than 300 horses in his care is an education, experience and a passion that puts the horse first. 

His education includes years of study with the Equine Science Academy. Cindy Sullivan, co-founder of the ESA one of the top hoof/care providers in the world and has personally tutored Rick.

Pete Ramey possibly the most widely know natural hoof care educator, practitioner and author of books and DVD’s has recommended Rick as a Wyoming hoof care practitioner. Rick has studied Pete’s ideas and videos and attended Pete’s clinic.

The list goes on as Rick is always researching and studying. His quest for more knowledge has led him to study the works of professionals worldwide. 

His education is not limited to the hoof and has basic knowledge of other therapies such as acupressure, massage, and bodywork.

Reserve Your Spot

Cost is very affordable $55 for one day $80 for two days or $105 for three days.

Unlimited space for observing the clinic each day.

Only space for 6 horses to participate per day, first come first serve. Participating horses must have current coggins and brand inspection.

Introduction to the Natural Hoof Clinic

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