Helping Hooves Dillon, MT Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Rescue, Horse Rescue Therapeutic Riding

Our Mission

Helping Hooves rescues abused, abandoned, and unwanted horses. Providing them with a safe place to live while training them for equine assisted therapy and re-homing them in therapy programs.

The Horse That Started it All

In 2010 our founder, who was 16 at the time, had to euthanize her first horse Dean due to renal failure. She was devastated and heartbroken as any teenage girl loosing their first horse would be.

A few weeks after he was gone the woman who owned the boarding facility where she had kept her horse called and asked if she'd like to come out and ride one. When she arrived at the facility the owner took her into the barn and brought her to stall.

Inside was a tall, skinny, chestnut horse cowering in the corner.

"She's yours."

Those words were like magic to a young girl. The horse quickly named Cocoa Belle was a Tennessee Walking Horse. Although she was not emaciated she had many emotional scars. Whenever you opened the stall door she would fly to the corner and stand there quaking until you left. She had absolutely no trust in people.

Both our founder and the facility owner worked with her daily until you couldn't recognize her as the same horse hiding in the stall corner only a month ago. She was the first horse to greet you at the pasture, and loved her cookies and making silly faces.

Our founder, Kayla, had always dreamed of rescuing and working with horses and Cocoa Belle had just sealed the deal.

Therapy Horses

A few years after rescuing Cocoa, Kayla started volunteering for a non-profit that provided hippotherapy services. One of the largest struggles seemed to be finding horses suited to and trained for therapy.

Seeing a way to merge her love of rescue horses and passion for helping others Kayla decided to start rescuing and training horses to be placed in various therapy programs throughout the country.

Meet the Team

Helping Hooves Dillon, MT Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Rescue, Horse Rescue Therapeutic Riding

Kayla Robbins

Founder & President

Kayla has a lifetime love of horses and her experience with CocoaBelle, her Tennessee Walking Horse, led her to founding a horse rescue.

Before founding Helping Hooves Kayla volunteered and worked for 6 years at Saddle Buddies Therapy, a 501(c)3 non-profit providing hippotherapy to children.

Scott Wade

Treasurer & Secretary

Coming soon.

You Can Save a Horse!

With your donation Helping Hooves is able to rescue and re-home more horses.